If you surround yourself with beauty, fun and good design then creativity and adventure are sure to follow!

A family company, this little shop is based in our home in downtown Toronto. We source quality apparel, and design goods handmade by Canadian mamas for Canadian families. 

I’m a mama, designer and entrepreneur who found beautiful, useful (and mostly organic) products as I became a mom for the first time. I also discovered how incredible Canadian moms are – they are creative, talented and full of beautiful design ideas that they are bringing to life, but they are hiding!

Thus, Lolo & Artie was born, as a business we pride ourselves on showcasing, selling and sending off unique and beautiful brands to beautiful babes and their families. 

We only sell products we really believe in and most of them have been tested by our own family. This is why Earth Mama Angel Baby is one of the few non-Canadian companies we work with. Earth Mama supplies our pregnancy and baby skin care products and teas. For such important and delicate conditions we would never ever take a risk, so we stuck with what we know. We’ve used these products on our own baby girl – they are all organic, kosher and researched to be all natural and certified safe.

Even though quality workmanship is key, so is the message behind the design. 

When we choose décor we are looking for playful, intelligent and beautiful pieces that are safe and smart in a kids room. For apparel it’s all about comfortable, unique and gorgeous clothes and accessories that kids can muck about in – if they can’t play in it than it’s not for us!

We haven't forgotten mom and dad either! Keep an eye out for pieces that help make pregnancy and parenting more beautiful and more comfortable.

We even design gift hampers for uncles and aunties and besties to send along when big announcements are made, baby showers are planned or the time comes to visit new arrivals.

Our shop is tiny but growing so if you’re a Canadian mama with work that you think has a place in our stores please get in touch, we'd love to talk about collaborations or wholesale opportunities.

As our shop grows we'll post updates on new pieces, stock and our amazing artists and designers on our social media (Instagram or Facebook). If you want to reach out to us with pictures or posts just use #loloandartie or @loloandartie and we'd love to see your life with our products! Alternately, you can email us using the contact form below.



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